Class GwtCheck

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    java.lang.Comparable<org.gradle.api.Task>, GwtCompileOptions, org.gradle.api.internal.DynamicObjectAware, org.gradle.api.internal.TaskInternal, org.gradle.api.plugins.ExtensionAware, org.gradle.api.Task, org.gradle.util.Configurable<org.gradle.api.Task>

    public class GwtCheck
    extends AbstractGwtCompile
    Task to run the GWT compiler for validation only so that no JavaScript output is produced.
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      • GwtCheck

        public GwtCheck()
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      • isDevTask

        protected boolean isDevTask()
        If true the task instance is treated as being a development related task. Development related tasks will have the devModules set by default.
        isDevTask in class AbstractGwtActionTask
        true if the task is development related, false otherwise.